Year Three Home learning – 1 May 20

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W has been really busy on this week’s animal learning project. He has researched and has made a really informative fact file on the Woolly Monkey. Great use of bullet points W !

N, too, has been busy finding out about animals:domesticated chickens. If they take dust baths, they are really happy! What a great leaflet and great use of sub-heading N !

He also recommends that you read the e-book, ‘Disgusting Denzil’ from the OxfordOwl  website. He really is disgusting; you’ll love him! Check it out and find out what he really gets up to!

D loves animals and nature, as we all know, and so has used fabric paints and heat to make an Artic fox design onto his T-shirt. Impressed ….? I am !

D sent me this message: ” I am loving the school work especially maths which is amazing. The fractions are amazing. My favourite thing was building a ramp out of cuddly toys. It’s amazing. We have been making T-shirts. Our mum has got us a  a family-size paddling pool.”

Well done W , N and D for keeping active, having fun and doing your home learning! 

Keep your contributions coming in Year 3!