Year Four USA Activity Day

As an enjoyable way to draw our topic Road Trip USA to a conclusionthe children have taken part in a fun-filled USA activity day. We started the celebrations early, by practising our line dancing skills on Monday afternoon. We have learnt three routines and can now do the grapevine and several other specific line dancing moves, which we performed to Achy-Breaky Heart!  We finished the afternoon with a modern version of this style of dance, the cha-cha slide. Today, the children had the opportunity to dress up in Western clothing (or any other form of American fancy dress) whilst they designed and made their own Native American totem images using collage skills. They also all participated in a cooking activity where they measured, weighed and combined ingredients to make a wide and interesting range of American style cookies. We finished the afternoon with a tasting and evaluation session. The children said the cookies definitely tasted better than they looked! A big thank you to Mrs Naser who supervised the baking of 24 separate batches of cookies.