Year 5 Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly and Catholic Social Teaching

On 27th January, it was Holocaust Memorial Day. We have been learning about World War 2 in our history lessons and in our class assembly we made cross-curricular links as we spent time remembering the millions of Jews and other innocent people who have been persecuted.

The children learnt that when you treat a group of people badly because of who they are, their race, or religion, or because they are different from you, this is called discrimination. This also fits in with our Catholic Social Teaching where we believe that every human person is made in the image and likeness of God. This is a gift that we all share as fellow human beings and God is present in every human person, regardless of religion, culture, nationality, orientation or economic standing. Each one of us is unique and beautiful. We are called to treat every person and every creature with loving respect.

Also, this term in our RE lessons, we are exploring the teachings of Jesus within the Parables and the children were able to make links between the Parable of the Good Samaritan where Jesus teaches us to “Love your neighbour as you love yourself,” and the events leading up to and during World War 2. We wrote poems about ‘Love and Hate’ and created a display of kind and positive words in the shape of a flame to remind us how to treat others. Have a look at some of the children’s work.