Year 5 and 6 Bugsy Malone Musical at Gosford Hill School

Year 5 and 6 were invited to watch the Gosford Hill Production of Bugsy Malone today.

What a treat to see the students from Gosford Hill acting, dancing and performing the songs from this famous musical. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and some have written short reviews – see below.

If any families are interested and wish to purchase tickets to see the show which is on every evening this week, please visit to book your tickets. Saturday night is sold out but there are seats available during the week.

“This play was extraordinary – the best play that I have ever watched. The actors were brilliant and the dancers and singers were magnificent! It deserves 5 stars.”

“I thought that the play was really good. Every last bit. My favourite part was when the two security guards chased Babyface. Out of five stars, I would give it six!”

“I loved the show. The costumes were amazing. My favourite characters were Bugsy Malone and the guy with the moustache.”

“I thought that the band was very good. I also liked how the main character really expressed his feelings. The splurge guns were a fun addition to the story. If I was the director of the play, I would be really pleased. I would give this play 5 out of 5!”


GHS Bugsy Malone Poster