Year 4 RE and Catholic Social Teaching: Bringing Good News to our Community

In our work in Year 4 on the RE unit Special Roles and Responsibilities we have been considering:

How can we bring “Good News” to the school community?

We are also developing our understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and this questions helps us to understand more about two of the strands we are covering:

  • Family and Community- What makes community?


  • Rights and Responsibilities- Exploring our responsibilities for each other


We have been thinking about our class, school and church as special communities we belong to. We have also thought about our responsibilities as part of these communities and as individuals, to others who might need our help. As part of our class discussion we recognised that one of our class was a shining example of someone willing to help the community and take responsibility for others. Zac has made us all very proud with his Cafod cookie sale. He brought the idea into school himself and then asked Mrs Bowles for permission to do some fundraising. With the help of his family, he baked and sold cookies in order to raise an amazing amount of money for Cafod.

Well done Zac, you have made our community more aware of our responsibilities for others, and we had some lovely cookies too!