Year 4 Pitt Rivers Museum Trip

On Tuesday 15th February the Year 4 class travelled by coach into town and visited the wonderful local resource that is the Pitt Rivers Museum. We attended workshops and explored the museum as part of the term’s history topic: Stone Age to  Iron Age.

It was an informative and fun interactive session, led by one of the museum’s historians. During the visit the children looked at a giant timeline to get an overview of how technology changed through this period. Then the pupils  worked in small groups handling  some real and some replica objects from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age period and had to  match them to the correct time period. Finally the children went off in pairs to explore, looking  for tools and weapons from the Stone to Bronze Age on the top floor of the Museum.

We all had an enjoyable time and were especially pleased when the museum staff emailed to say how fantastic and enthusiastic the groups were.

Thanks to all the children, the staff and the parent helpers for making a museum visit so memorable.