Year 3 Prayer service report – Wednesday 1st May 2019

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Year 3 Prayer Service to Parents

On Wednesday 1st May Year 3 planned and led a prayer service for their parents. The theme was “Resurrection’.  The children worked in pairs to plan prayer ideas around the Resurrection appearance story, “On the Road to Emmaus.” As part of the Prayer Service we shared the Gospel story and some prayers that the children had written around the theme. We prayed and sang together and the parents also had the opportunity to reflect upon the prayer service and then view the wonderful Easter Gardens made by the class over the Easter holidays. Mia had very kindly brought in gifts of chocolate to share with the parents as a special way to celebrate Easter and as a different way of going forth from the prayer service at the end.  It was wonderfully well attended by Year 3 parents and we thank you all for coming to share the glory of the Resurrection.