Year 3 Prayer Service – 13 Sep 17

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On Wednesday 13th September Year 3 held their first prayer service of the year. The theme was “A Fresh Start”. As part of the Prayer Service we all voiced our hopes/wishes for the year ahead. Here they are!





Emmanuel: I want to get better at riding a skateboard

Lisa: I want a kitten

Sarah: I would like a pet kitten

Ravi: I would like to get better at Science

Amy: I would like a trampoline

Milly: I want to learn lots more new things this year.

Ryan: I want my brother to grow up big and strong

Robin: I want my parents to be rich!!!

Primula: I want a pool in my garden

Ruby B: I want to improve my learning

Lincoln: I want my house to be built!

Damian: I want to move to a bigger house

Tiago: I would like my own jet ski.

Lizbeth: I want to be a better learner

Adrian: I want my Mum to succeed in her job

Vanessa: I want to try new things and learn new skills

Jessica: I want to get better at Maths

Lily: I want to get better at art

Katia: I wish to get better at my learning

Ruby D: I would like another cat

Sara B: I wish I had a new baby sister!

Bonnie: I want to get faster at running

Elizabeth: I want to get better at my learning

Arthur: I want a way bigger 2 stairs house!

Christian: I want to learn how to be a better Christian

Rhyley: I want to learn all my times tables.

Danial: I want to read more!

Milosz: I want to get better at reading