Year 1 Class Assembly

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Year 1 Class Assembly – Trusting in God.

On Friday 15th March, Year 1 did their first class assembly. The theme was ‘Trusting in God’. We re-enacted the story of Peter and Andrew being called by Jesus to be disciples. They had to trust in Jesus when he asked them to send the boat out.

We then talked about our book that we are reading in English. In the book, the mouse had to trust the bear to help him with his boat, like the disciples trusted Jesus. We showed the instructions that we had written to make the boat and our poems about the sun.

The bear asked us to test different materials to make a boat and we shared what we found with everyone. We wrote prayers asking Jesus to help us with our Lenten Promises. We know that we need to trust in God to help us through this time of Lent.

It was wonderfully well attended by Year 1 parents and we thank you all for coming to share our learning and worship.