Wondering about how Jesus affects our lives …

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This week in RE, we have been thinking about how Jesus affects our life. We asked Catholics that we knew from home how their life is affected by Jesus. We also asked Mrs Bowles how Jesus affected her life. We then create pictures of how Jesus affects our own lives.

Here were some of the questions that we asked Mrs Bowles. They were quite tricky! See if you can answer them.

How much do you know about Jesus? (Anthony)

Do you like Jesus being in your heart? (Kayden)

How do you feel when Jesus affects your life? (Mithra)

How much faith do you have? (Anjali)

How much do you believe in Jesus? (Raihaan)

When did you become a Christian? (Daniel G)
Why do you believe in Jesus? (Mania)

How much do you believe? (Eddie)

Where do you pray? (William)

What is your life like when Jesus is in it? (Joel)