Monday 14th March 2022


During our morning sessions we worked in our own classrooms, learning about many aspects of Vocation. We discussed what Vocation is and the different routes that can be taken to achieve a life of holiness. In the afternoon we gathered in mixed groups with children from years 1 to 6 working together to explore the idea of being called to serve. We considered the different types of Christian vocation and we shared ideas and researched people that we felt served the community of faith, their larger communities and sometimes even the whole world!  We talked about people who have used their talents and chosen careers to help others and to participate in the positive transformation of our world.


Teachers have given feedback about their classes:


We shared some of the Nursery parents’ photos and accounts of what they did all day. We had a maths teacher, a very busy mum who did lots of volunteering and looking after her family, and two parents who worked with computers. We talked about how everyone did something different, and the children asked and answered questions about the grownups’ activities.


Reception shared videos and photos from home showing their parents and family members carrying out their vocations. We will be continuing to share these throughout the week and on Friday we will be thinking about the vocation we might follow when we grow up.


In Year 1 we discussed the 4 areas of a Call to Service and the children had some really thoughtful ideas about what these areas mean within our local community, and within a wider world context. We considered celebrity role models for each section – Ronaldo was mentioned more than once for pursuing his calling and fulfilling his God given talents. The older children were role models themselves in helping younger children as they worked together in small groups to create a poster for their ideas and research findings. The children were a real credit to themselves as they considered the 4 areas carefully and were able to link the areas to a context that fitted within their own lives in one way or another.


In Year 2 we made vocation triangles which were divided into Call to Holiness, Call to life and Call to work. Inside after discussing each calling we drew how we can be successful at these things or how they happen. We also shared all of our class fact files and posters and really enjoyed watching video interviews with our special people.


In Year 3 we explored the Catholic meaning of vocation: holiness, a way of life and work. We discussed how prayer, Jesus and the saints help us to do our best. We learned about how people live different lives either as single, married, ordained or in religious orders and again how they do their best to serve God. We talked about work and how all jobs have dignity and worth and serve the community. The children presented their homework. They had interviewed family members to discover, record and importantly celebrate their lives and realise their love for each other. The children examined their own talents and gifts; their own uniqueness and how these make them special and valuable to others. Finally, coming together from all year groups we researched the ways that people from all walks of life serve others: Pope Francis, Mother Theresa, Prince William and Kate and Marcus Rushford.


In Year 4 our Vocations Day work linked closely to our RE unit,  Special Roles and Responsibilities. We had a focus lesson on what it is like to be called by God to the priesthood and we then watched interviews with priests and brothers to understand why these special people had answered the call to serve in a very unique way. Later we looked at people who joined other forms of religious life and those who chose marriage or the single life as a way of serving the Lord. We enjoyed sharing our homework on Vocations which took the form of prayer, poetry, PowerPoints, video and radio interviews and even a song. Continuing our learning the next day in RE, we used our research skills to find out more about our class Saint Oscar Romero and how he stood for justice and the rights of the poor during very troubled times in El Salvador. We realized that our work linked very closely with Catholic Social Teaching too, with Oscar Romero clearly demonstrating his love for the Poor and Vulnerable- Being Christ’s voice for those who need it most.



In Year 5 we explored the gifts and talents of others and looked at famous people that we had studied in our Year 5 Curriculum this year (Sir Ernest Shackleton, Anne Frank, Malala Yousafzai). We then tried to focus on our own gifts and talents (such as leadership, courage, positivity, perseverance, kindness, communication) and explored how we could use these talents to have a positive impact on those around us. We also deepened our knowledge and understanding of our class saint Maximilian Kolbe and tried to link the virtues to his actions. We decided that he was attentive and discerning because he listened carefully to what Jesus asked him to do and he was also intentional because he made a decision and carried out God’s plan – sacrificing his life for another person. We enjoyed looking at religious artwork of Maximilian Kolbe and noticed special signs and symbols such as the crown of thorns and the rosary which helped us to understand his life and how he tried to follow the example of Jesus Christ.


Y6 enjoyed reflecting on their own personality traits, talents and gifts and considered what God’s calling could be for them. The class explored how they could use their body (ears, hands, feet, mouth etc.) to emulate actions and words Jesus showed to others. They took great delight in expressing their love for Jesus with a song and dance performance to the school.


It was a really fun and informative day of learning, thanks to all who participated with enthusiasm and most importantly, love.