Unexpected visitor

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Oh no ! I shouted, as I suddenly noticed, through the window, one of my cats (we call her ‘the killer’) playing with a small bird on the grass. My son, charged outside and prized the bird away from the gentle paws. It wasn’t hurt but was shivering in shock. It was a fledgling, perhaps a blackbird. What could we do? We searched the internet for guidance. Blackbird fledglings do leave the nest before they can fly and their mothers keep an eye on them and feed them. So we decided that we would put it in the garden, next to the hedge from where it had been snatched and hope that, indeed, the mother would find it and rescue it. We kept the cats inside and in deed there was lots of bird calling and a male blackbird kept flying around. The fledgling then appeared to disappear into the hedge. Phew, we hoped for the best!

Nature is strong and within minutes of the cats being allowed back out, Charlie cat, this time, was tossing our fledgling in the air. Why do cats do this? Again, we rescued Jerry, as he had been named, and put him into a made-up nest-box in the shed. We thought he must be hungry by now so we soaked dry cat biscuits in water and holding him securely fed him this with a straw. He seems strong and is moving about easily in the box, fluttering. We have fed him twice so far. How this will end, good or bad, I do not know but however so, it will be nature.