Sunday Mass at St Thomas More, Kidlington



Fr Prem will be doing a live streamed Mass this Sunday. 

Please follow the guidelines below:

If you would like to join the parish live interactive streaming of Masses,the next Mass is at 11.00am on Sunday and during the week the link(s) will now be available on the parish website. Fr Prem has asked if you could start to log on from 10.15am. if you have any problems Richard Pye and Lou Borucki should be able to help you.
Please note that it is a interactive live Mass streaming.
You will first need to do the following:
1.Log on to the parish website:
2.Click on ‘Services’
3.Click on ‘Join Holy Mass with the parish…….’
4. This takes you to the Zoom app and meeting screen
 (First time users will need to download the Zoom app first. This can be done by clicking the link at the bottom of the meeting page and takes you straight to the apps store. Download and install the Zoom app on your devise. (this is Free).
5. Press the ‘Join a meeting’ or Rejoin the meeting via the parish website link in step 1. if you have just downloaded Zoom
6. Press ‘Join meeting with Video’.
7. When Mass has started tap the screen and look for the microphone symbol either at the top or bottom of your screen. Press the microphone symbol to mute the microphone if possible.
8. When the Mass is completed touch the screen and look for Leave meeting. Press Leave meeting and confirm.
The Mass missalette is also available to download on the website.
God Bless and stay safe.
Maggie Borucki
Parish Secretary