Special Faith Activities this October

World Mission Month: October is when Pope Francis asks every member of the Catholic community around the world to recognise themselves as a missionary disciple, working and praying together to share the joy, peace, hope and love of God with everyone, everywhere. Schools and children are invited to join in this worldwide celebration. They can join on any day of the month and for however long they want. All resources for the month are available to download from the Mission Together website and we have provided the Mission Month calendar for you to share together.

The Rosary:  October is also the month of the Holy Rosary, which is a form of devotional prayer dedicated to Our Lady. This time last year we took part in a Diocese wide livestream event with Archbishop Bernard leading schools together in prayer. The recording of the Rosary with Archbishop Bernard from October last year is still available to use at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f5Ujq-KGR4
Share the Rosary together as a family and pray for the world.