School Lunches – deadline 25 October for ordering meals for your child week commencing 1st November!

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School Meals Autumn Term 2 – NEW CATERING COMPANY – ASPENS


Dear Parents / Carers

ASPENS Catering with a Difference

We are very excited to announce following a rigorous selection process involving
students a new catering company has been appointed by the Pope Francis Multi
Academy Company. Our lunches will now be provided by Aspens who provide a
selection of tasty dishes to encourage the children to try something different. Whilst
educating the importance of healthy eating. .

Menus will change from the 1st November 2021 and are available to view now on
school gateway and on the school website.

Please find attached the following:

 The new school menu taking us up to the end of the Autumn Term – 17th
December 2021. Please note this is a 3 week menu providing a wider selection
of food and choice. Children satisfaction will be monitored by kitchen staff
throughout the term, and feedback from the children will help us to develop
future menus following guidelines for nutrition from the government.

 Aspens allergy/special diets form. It is very important that you complete and
return the form to the school office by Monday 1st November 2021.

 As a result of this change we have deleted all existing meal bookings on
school gateway. Please can you kindly select meal choices from the new
menu by Monday 1st November 2021 and all future bookings must be made at
least a week in advance. We thank you in advance for doing this and assisting
in ordering fresh produce avoiding unnecessary waste.

If your child is entitled to free school meals, you will also need to rebook your meals.
Please can you do this by Monday 25th October for school lunches week commencing 1st November 2021 via the school gateway system.

If your child currently has packed lunch and would like to try a school dinner then please place an order on the school gateway!

Welcome to Aspens

Parent letter – aspens

Special Diets Form (1)