Rainforest poem by E

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Year 5 have impressed me this week with the amazing poetry they have been writing about the rainforest. Here is another fantastic poem, this time written by E.




By E

Rainforest, green grass sways in the cool refreshing wind.

Woodpeckers peel the brown rough bark

creating a cosy nest to lay its future.

A kingfisher in the distance sitting on a stick waiting, watching

It then catches a scaly, shiny, slippery fish and desperately dashes to its nest

to feed its early young.


Suddenly chainsaws begin chopping.

Birds begin flapping away in terror.

The sky turns dull grey.

Animals run in worry looking for their family

who have already run away to safety.

Trees fall and birds fly.

There is chaos in the jungle.


Suddenly young men wearing deep black shorts, red with anger,

run into the danger that lies in the jungle,

screaming and shouting to stop.


They take big, perfectly pointed sticks with them.

Nearby villagers watch, scared, worried.

There are sounds of men, big men, running away with axes and spades:

tools you would use to easily cut down a tree.

The men don’t seem so big now, running away in terror.


The villagers jump with joy and  have a big party, bigger than the men.

There is a group of young men walking around, calling ”save the nature”.

Soon the birds and all the wildlife return to its beautiful green habitat,

where they stay and live happy lives.



This poem tells us to fight for the nature who cannot defend itself.