Julieann Exley


Assistant Headteachers

Helen Skertchly
Lisa Doda


Key Stage Coordinators

Foundation Lead:      Sarah Haynes
KS1 & SENCO:         Helen Skertchly
KS2:                          Lisa Doda



Nursery:      Melissa Dryden

Reception:  Sarah Haynes

Year 1:        Nickie Ewers

Year 2:        Lisa Hudson Ford  and Helen Skertchly

Year 3:        Francis Young

Year 4:        Tracy Long and Kayleigh King

Year 5:        Lisa Doda

Year 6:        Lisa Machin

Intervention Teacher : Lucille Ryan


HLTA:          Deb Heap


Teaching Assistants

Jane Brooks, Rania Naser, Alison Edwards, Melissa Fennell, Ally Lawrence, Janet Knight, Tammy Bowman, Emma Langston, Ramona Buda, Elizabeth Ofosu and Camila Cutayar


Office Staff

School Business Manager  – Jamie Brown

Office Administrator  – Emma Langston


Safeguarding Leads

Helen Skertchly, Lisa Doda and Melissa Fennell


Caretaker/Cleaning Staff

LC Housekeeping


Midday Supervisors

Mary May


Breakfast & After School Club

Breakfast & After School Club Manager – Melissa Fennell


ICT Technician

TurnItOn – David Pryse