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School & Eco Councils

We would like to introduce you to our very hardworking School and Eco Council members who do a great deal of work in and around our school.

They have each been voted this September to represent their class for the year.  They attend School and Eco Council meetings and report back to the class.

Each year they choose charities to support and organise fundraising for this.

These are our reps for this year:

Year 1: Zachary, Filip, James & Rima

Year 2: Amelia & Soraya

Year 3: Noah, Sophia & Jay

Year 4: Madeline, Oliver, Oneli & Eli

Year 5: Robin, Nishan & Arthur

Year 6: Troy, Jimin, Austin & Sophia


Our School Council 2019-2020



Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Play Leaders

Our play leaders do a great job in making the most of  playtime.

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