Our Vision

To promote the formation of the complete person based on the example and
inspiration of Jesus Christ and to help the pupils develop a personal relationship with
God in their journey through life. To ensure every child shares in an educational
environment filled with love and concern – a community joining together to help
create a better world. We aim to achieve this through the underpinning of our school
values: Unity, Humility, Respect, Determination, and Fairness. These values are the
key drivers for all that we do at St Thomas More Catholic School.


Our Motto

Our school motto, chosen with the whole school community, is ‘With Christ
we Achieve, Believe and Create.’


Achieve – To achieve our goals and celebrate our talents through determination and

Believe – Our faith in God teaches us to believe in ourselves and to respect others.

Create – To create a safe and happy learning community filled with meaningful



At St Thomas More we are dedicated to enabling each child to succeed through

experiencing quality in:

  •  Prayer and community worship

  • A broad and balanced curriculum

  •  An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed

  •  An enriching programme of extra curricular activities and visits

  •  A stimulating learning environment

  •  A rich, varied and up to date range of learning resources

  • Innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning

  • Learning partnerships between school, home, parish and the wider world


We demonstrate our commitment to working as a believing and learning community

  •  Striving to ensure everyone leaves our school feeling individually fulfilled and

    valued as a member of our community

  •  Recognizing that we can learn from our mistakes

  • Striving for continuous improvement in all that we do

  • Working collaboratively towards common goals

  • Valuing people above systems

  • Respecting the beliefs of others

  • Practicing genuine forgiveness


Together with staff, parents, parish and community we work together with children to:

  •  Develop an informed Christian faith

  •  Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity

  • To stretch and challenge themselves enabling them to achieve their maximum

    potential in all areas of the curriculum

  • Have high self esteem, respecting themselves, others and the environment

     Become highly motivated life long learners

  • To stretch and challenge themselves in all areas of the curriculum

  • Embrace change positively in the rapidly advancing world they are growing up


  • Be able to work independently and collaboratively

  • Gain technological skills for the modern world

  • Care for others and respect individual differences


St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School is a caring school which values each
member of the community. This is encompassed in our School Mission Statement.
Expectations of care and concern for the wellbeing of all children, staff and families
is central to our ethos. Gospel values and motivation are cultivated in all subject
areas and indeed, in all of the various activities in the school.