Fantabulous Work!

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S created a fabulous rocket with the instructions.She also conducted an experiment  with plants.She planted seeds in different materials: 1) soil, 2)cotton and 3)water and watered the ones with soil and cotton.She checked regularly to see if the seeds germinated … Continued

Year 5 Proudest Pieces

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Here is a selection of photographs that have been sent in by Year 5 children this week. Well done all of you for remaining motivated with your Home learning. R has written an animal rap and a story inspired by … Continued

Space Cadets

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My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas  –  a mnemonic for the nine planets! Take a look at the wonderfully colourful 3-D planet models made by W and D and see if you can match the mnemonic to … Continued

Great Descriptive Writing

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‘Once in a lifetime’…J told the story of the explorer in the sailing boat using some super verbs and adjectives: spluttered, lassoed, fluttered, revived, snapped, halt, lifeless, creaked. Super, well done J and great handwriting too!

Mighty Chimes!

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Oh the wind doth blow! What a fine example of a wind chime N had made -fit to battle any storm…hurricane…tornado!   Any if you fancy a trip down under? Why not visit Monkey Mia ! Looks super and N … Continued

Jar of Gratitude

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Have a look at this wonderful Jar of Gratitude which has been made by I.  I hope you’ve managed to put in there now lots of notes or pictures of people, memories and objects you are thankful for.  If you’ve … Continued

O’s Space Station Diary

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O has already immersed herself in the new Space topic.  She has written an account of what she imagines life would be like on a space station. I wonder what you could do on the space station that would be … Continued

Beach Poem by E

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Here is a lovely poem about the Beach by E. Read it carefully and look out for the surprise at the end!   Beach Poem Sneaky seagulls snaffling snacks fly free. Dogs run and bark joyfully. Children paddle and splash. … Continued

Picado Português

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This looks so delicious. Thanks for the recipe T! Picado português for chopped meat and chips and salad. Ingredients: Beef Bay leaf 2 garlic cloves Salt. (to your taste.) Half a cup of mixed veggies Half a spoon of tomato … Continued

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