Music Week Celebrations!

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Wow! Who knew you were so Musical Year 1?

This week we have heard James play his favourite piece of music on the piano – he taught us about reading music too! Flashing Star James!

We painted to music and enjoyed some dancing to our favourite songs at school – I hope you did at home too! Who knew we have such good dancers in Year 1 too?

Our Star Mathematicians this week are: Marwan for recognising the different notes. Shine Shine! Did you all enjoy learning about different coins and notes this week?

Our star Writers this week are: Filip for his fruit descriptions, Marwan for his perfect descriptive sentence writing about the setting of The Poor Musician and his Stray Dog, Anna for her perfect descriptive sentences about the dog in this story, Alice for her beautifully presented ‘ I Coloured The World’ inspired piece, Rooney, Isaac and Abigail for the perfect sentence writing in Phonics this week. Well done all of you – Shine Shine!

Our star skills this week are: Lucas for learning to skip with a skipping rope and for his poster design, Noah for writing hello in so many different languages, Anna and Giulia R also learnt to skip this week with a skipping rope – can you try this at home?

Last of all our Star Spellers are: Alice, Lucas and Filip – Shine Shine! Remember 15 or more activities each week makes you a star speller in Year 1!

Happy 6th Birthday to Noah who celebrated with a wonderful cake and his family at home this week!

I know you will all be reading every day so you are all Star Readers! Keep on enjoying those books!

I look forward to seeing you all next week! Stay safe and keep smiling!