Lenten Prayer Space Report – 12th-14th March 2019

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Lenten Prayer Spaces

From Tuesday 12th to 14th March, Mary Phillips and Kirsty Morgan from BeSpace came into school to lead a wonderfully creative time of prayer and reflection. Organised by John Bellasis (one of our school governors) and a team of volunteers, each class had the opportunity to visit the transformed school library and participate in an exploration of faith and spirituality. The children visited four stations during their allocated time in the prayer spaces, each with a different theme:


Station 1: Sorry Sand.

“All of us have done things we regret, or wish we could change. Maybe you feel you want a fresh start.”

Children write the word sorry in the sand as they think about something they want to say sorry for, and move on from. They then brush the sand away.


Station 2: Thank You Play Dough

There are many things to be thankful to God for in our wonderful world.

“What makes your life good? What are you thankful for right now?”

Children make something they are thankful for out of the play dough as a prayer or reflection.


Station 3: Please Bubbles

“What is on your mind? Do you have worries about the future? Is there anything you need? Are there things you want to see changed?”

The bubbles going up the tube represent all our prayers going up to God. The children write prayers on post-it notes and stick on the bubble tube to send them to God.


Station 4: World Map

“Look at the world map and think about things that are going on in the world. Think about any family or friends you may know in another part of the world.”

The children write a prayer or thought for someone they know or about something that is happening elsewhere in the world and stick it on the location on the map.

The children also discussed how and where we can pray and that just as much as speaking to God, we should try to listen too.


As a school we would like to thank everyone who was involved in this special week of prayer and reflection. We had members of the governing body, teachers and teaching assistants, parents of pupils, parents of teachers, parishioners and other members and friends of our school family.


Our wonderful volunteers:

Sally Reckless, Julie Finn, Janice Relano, Hiroe Akasaka, Adina Talas, Camilla Cutayer, Lisia Newmark, Rhian Pye, Becky Considine, Catarina Zelonkova, Dee Coleman and Nickie Rogan, Tracy Long, Tracy Ridgway, John Bellasis and his two friends from Tackley, Geoff Hunter (a former Methodist Minister) and Margaret Lindley.

A special thank you goes to Anna Capilli-Francis who worked tirelessly to obtain the support of the volunteers, she would have been more involved in the week itself if she had not been on her flight duties.


Thank you to all, our prayers are with you.