Welcome to the web page dedicated to Reading for Pleasure. Did you know that there is strong evidence that reading for pleasure can increase empathy, improve relationships with others, reduce the symptoms of depression and improve wellbeing throughout life?

At St Thomas More School we want to encourage all our pupils to develop a life long love for reading.

This page will show you some of the things we do in school to promote reading and will provide information for parents and carers to help them support their children with reading.

For more information on reading for pleasure, see the link below from the Reading Agency:


World Book Day 2022


Reading for Pleasure


Reading for pleasure opens up new worlds for children. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters.

Reading for pleasure also improves children’s well-being and empathy. It helps them to understand their own identity, and gives them an insight into the world and the views of others. Research shows that reading for pleasure can be directly linked to children’s success throughout their time at school and even into adulthood.

Taken from oxfordowl.co.uk – reading for pleasure


World Book Day is about celebrating a love of reading. Every day at St Thomas More School, we take time to share stories, read aloud, explore books and develop a love of reading. But it was great fun to be able to devote an entire day to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day.

The children looked amazing in their costumes: we had Stick Man, Tom Gates, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Aladdin, Astronauts, Spider Man, Cruella De Vil, and lots more…

Across the school there were a variety of book themed activities taking place throughout the day, including:

  • Watching and listening to the World Book Day Song 2022 by MC Grammar. Click the link, how many stories can you spot in the song?
  • Taking part in the national BBC World Book Day Live Lesson which focussed on reading for pleasure through fun interactive activities. Illustrator Dapo Adeola joined the hosts to complete an illustration live on the show whilst award-winning author Frank Cottrell-Boyce put the presenters to a test in a literacy challenge and also answered questions about what it is like to be a children’s author.
  • In Foundation Stage, the children participated in an active story-telling workshop linked to ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Bear footprints were spotted in the corridors leading into the school hall…
  • In Years 1-6, children designed and made their ‘stories in a box’ based on their favourite books. There was a real buzz of enthusiasm and team work as children used their creative skills to produce some fantastic work, which we shared in Friday’s celebration assembly.
  • In Key Stage One, children joined together to share stories and read aloud together.
  • In Year 5, we began our new class novel ‘Goodnight Mr Tom.’


Have a look at the photos to give you a taste of what fun we had. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who helped their children to find a costume or bring in boxes and supplies to create the stories in a box. Your support is appreciated.

All children were given a World Book Day token, to spend on a book. Please check book bags if you have not seen these. Let’s continue to celebrate and enjoy reading for pleasure EVERY DAY.

Here are some useful links to support parents and carers in encouraging their children to read. There are also links to recommended books for different ages.


Whether you’re a reader, a parent, a carer, a grandparent, a godparent, a teacher or a librarian let’s all remember that great things happen when we read.

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Winter Mini Reading Challenge 2020


Please find instructions for how to take part in the Winter Mini Reading Challenge 2020.

It is completely free and all you have to do is read at least three books between Tuesday 1st December 2020 and Friday 15th January 2021. Click on the link below https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/news/general/winter-mini-challenge-2020




Summer Reading Challenge 2020


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

As part of St Thomas More’s ongoing Reading for Pleasure campaign, we would like to invite you all to the Summer Reading Challenge 2020. This popular initiative is presented by The Reading Agency and funded by Arts Council England. The aim is to encourage children between the ages of 4 and 11 to set themselves a reading challenge to prevent the summer reading ‘dip’.

Each year the Challenge, delivered with the support of public libraries motivates over 700, 000 children to keep reading to build their skills and confidence. With the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, the 2020 Challenge will launch as a digital activity. The official launch day was Friday 5th June. It is free to access and features games, quizzes and downloadable activities to encourage children and their families to enjoy reading related activities at home.

With school life disrupted and many children missing the company of their friends, this year’s fun-filled Summer Reading Challenge will be all the more vital as a way of helping parents and carers find fun, family-friendly activities, maintain literacy levels and create a safe space for children to connect with their peers.

For more information go to https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/parents-carers



Motivating Children to Read during Lock down

Dear Parents and Carers, click HERE  for some top tips for fostering reading motivation.


World Book Day 2020

This year we celebrated World Book day with a variety of activities involving Reading for Pleasure.

Year 5 led a special whole school assembly, ‘The Day the Books Quit,’ which they wrote themselves. Afterwards, parents joined us in the classroom to share stories with their children. During the day, teachers swapped classes and read stories to other year groups and the children also visited other classes to enjoy books. Other activities included: designing book covers for favourite books, creating ‘black-out poetry’ using extracts from well- known books, quizzes and writing book reviews. It was enjoyable day, with books placed at the heart of everything that we did. Our aim now is to continue to raise the profile of Reading even further at school and home. Here are some photographs.




School Reading List For Primary Schools

Are you looking to support your child with their reading at home? Would you like some suggestions for suitable, age appropriate high quality texts?

Please see School Reading List for Primary Schools  which is curated and reviewed by librarians, parents and teachers, who meet each summer to discus which books have worked well with groups of children, including new releases within the last 12 months. Click on the tab for your child’s age group to see the most up to date list of recommended books along with advice and ideas for ways to support and engage your child in reading. The lists are regularly updated and are a great starting point for finding high quality books!

According to the Reading Agency, ‘We often see stories in the press about declining reading frequency and concerns that parents are not reading to their children often enough. But why does it matter? There is strong evidence linking reading for pleasure and educational outcomes. We know that academic attainment is of vital importance, but the benefits of reading for pleasure go beyond this and stretch throughout a person’s life’.

For further information about Reading Reading Agency Reading for Pleasure Report

At St Thomas More School, we want to support families in bringing reading for pleasure into their lives at home and at school. Please do take some time to look through this information and come and speak to us if you need further help or ideas for encouraging your children to read – or indeed, anything reading related!




New Books

As part of our ongoing venture to promote Reading for Pleasure, we have invested in more exciting brand new titles.

This has been made possible by the generous donations from the Friends who have worked hard to raise money for our children to provide them with books and resources that are so vital to enable our children to become enthusiastic learners.

A number of children have volunteered to be the first to read one of the new books and will take them home to enjoy. When they have finished they will write a small review to describe what the book is like and whether they would recommend it to anyone else.

If parents have any ideas about how we can improve how we raise the profile of Reading within the school or would like any information about how to help their child with any aspects of reading, please do come and speak to your child’s teacher.

Here are some photos of the new books…



Year 5 Oxfordshire Book Awards Reading Group

A group of Year 5 enthusiastic readers have begun their new book group with Children’s Books editor Kathy Webb. The group will be meeting in the school library at lunch times to
read books that have been nominated for the Oxfordshire Book Awards 2020. They will be taking part in discussions and debates and developing a critical appreciation of the books that they read. There are many other pupils across Oxfordshire Primary and Secondary schools also taking part in this event which will culminate in an awards ceremony in November 2020, where children will be invited to attend and meet the authors of the books that they have voted for. This is a fantastic opportunity for St Thomas More School to promote Reading for Pleasure and hopefully this will be something that we can continue in future years to inspire our children to become readers for life.
Here are the books that our Year 5s will be reading over the coming months.




How It Works

The fact-packed science and technology magazine!

How It Works is the action-packed science and technology magazine bursting with exciting information about our universe.

Thank you to the Friends who have funded a subscription for this fantastic educational resource to promote reading for pleasure and learning.

 Children will have the chance to read the magazines in class and use them in lessons to support the Curriculum. If you are interested in subscribing to this magazine at home, please see https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/hiw/