Collective worship is at the heart of our role as a Catholic School. Our coming together to worship and pray is that golden moment in each day when we are drawn together, enabling the spiritual development of each child and providing opportunities to develop a personal relationship with God. Music is used to create the appropriate atmosphere for reverence and quiet reflection as children and staff enter and leave the hall. A lighted candle is used as a focal point.

Right to withdraw from religious education / collective worship

Acts of  Worship

Monday – Whole school assembly led by the Principal

Tuesday – Hymn Practice

Wednesday– Prayer service / class based collective worship (FS and KS 1 and KS 2)

Thursday – Key Stage Groups collective worship time and 2 classes from Key Stage 2 attend Parish Mass.

Friday – Whole school morning assembly led by either a class, the Principal or a member of the Senior Leadership team (KS 1 and 2). FS celebration assembly in the afternoon

Other forms of worship are arranged at special times during the school year with opportunities to take part in Carol services, celebration Masses, Stations of the Cross, Reconciliation or other traditional devotions and services. Parents are encouraged to join us for all our celebrations, school Masses and class assemblies.