We believe that PSHCE is a fundamental subject as it underpins learning in all areas of the curriculum and is the language which weaves through all aspects of school life.

Children have weekly PSHCE lessons which explore Growth Mindset helping children to understand that changing their mindset equips them to learn.

Health Education

We also look at Health Education valuing the importance of a good approach to exercise and daily living both in and out of schools and are part of the Change 4 Life Initiative.


Citizenship encourages children to take a responsible role in society. Being part of the Eco Schools and Fairtrade Programme supports this learning as well as having an active child-lead school and eco council.

Drugs Education

Through Drugs Education we educate children in the safe handling of medicinal drugs as well as the consequences of misusing substances such as alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.

Sex & Relationships Education

Sex & Relationships Education is taught as part of our Religious Education programme with a view to encouraging children to respond to the gift of being created male and female, with pride, and a commitment to follow God’s plan for life and love. See more information at: Ten Ten Programme of Study STM

Parents can view all the lesson resources beforehand by visiting the Ten Ten Life To The Full  Parent Portal:

Further information about each lesson can be found in the Life to the Full Parent Portal: www.tentenresources.co.uk/parent-portal 

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Please also see our Sex and Relationships Education Policy (found on the School Policies & Procedures page)

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from participating in this.

Gospel Virtues & British Values

Gospel Virtues are also looked at in both assemblies and class. We have a two year rolling programme and this includes: courage and honesty among many others.

British Values are also taught at St Thomas More.  These are embedded into our school ethos, PSHCE and across other areas of the curriculum.  The Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are also referred to during Collective Worship.  To see more details click here: Teaching British Values at St Thomas More (found on the School Policies & Procedures page)