Hello, it’s lovely to back.

It is lovely to be back at St Thomas More, I can’t quite believe a whole month has gone by already.  Thank you to everyone for the very warm welcome that I received, it was really appreciated.

During collective worship we have been following the Gospel from Sunday Mass as well as looking at the virtues, Curious and Active and what they mean to us in our lives.  Below is a short definition of Curious and Active.  Perhaps it is something that you can talk to your child/ren about at home?

Curious: exploring God’s creation and asking questions to find out more.

Everything around us was created by God. Being curious about these things – from
tiny insects to enormous planets, from the languages of the Earth to the patterns
made by numbers – brings us closer to God.

Active: working to make things better where we can.

As we use our curiosity to explore, we find things that could be better: a friend is
unhappy; a neighbour is lonely; there is litter in the playground; the whiteboard
needs wiping. Some of these problems we can fix. By being active we take
responsibility for these tasks and look after God’s creation.

God bless

Breda Bowles