Hello from Mrs Heap

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Hi Y6!  How are you all?

It is very strange being in school without you here- I keep wandering into the classroom expecting to see all your smiley faces!.

Mrs Doda has been telling me about all the wonderful work you have managed to do at home, Well done you.

We have some school pets! Well a tank of tadpoles. I have enjoyed watching them develop over the weeks and they now have legs.

I hope you liked the photos of the tomatoes. I have left them in the cupboard so when we are back you can have a really good look at them.

How active have you been? I really hope we can come back to do a bit of cricket. My sons have made a fitness course in the garden and we have all enjoyed giving it a go.

Hopefully you will enjoy the School Games fun  “SOCK FEST” activities I have sent. Record your results and maybe we could have a competition when we are all back.

Look forward to seeing you all very soon hopefully.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Heap