Final Celebration of Year 1’s Blended Learning

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Before we start our celebrations this week, I just wanted to see how fabulous it was to welcome you all back into Year 1 this week. It really was lovely to see all of you at one some point this week!

So here we are, at our last week of celebrating Home and School learning this year. Next week we will be saying farewell to Year 1 and looking ahead to new learning adventures…

This week we will continue to celebrate together! First up it’s Star Spellers: Rima, Alice, Isabella, Noah, Luca, Rooney, who all did 15 spelling shed activities and more! Go you!

Remember to keep being star spellers through the Summer Holidays too!

Our next celebration is for Star Writers and this week they are:

Rima for her Rocket design and wonderful adjectives and her thoughtful postcard home from the Moon. Shine Shine!

Abigail for her thoughtful postcard home from the Moon – Shine Shine!

Giulia for her amazing adjectives (oo alliteration!) describing her Rocket – Shine Shine

Rooney for writing the long date and learning objective all by himself – well done Rooney!

Lucas, James, Anna, Marwen and Kevin for their Charater Descriptions of Beegu – their excellent presentation and writing skills blew me away this week! I thought they were already in Year 2! Flashing Star! They are in the window of our new classroom for you to see!

Our Star Mathematicians this week for their work on halves and quarters are:

Zachary and Charlie – well done you two!

And finally a celebration of other things we have been learning too,,,Star Skills this week are:  Alice for playing a Brazilian instrument used in Capoeira – Alice had a music lesson outside in the park!

Giulia R and Isaac for their illustration skills when following along with the Illustrator of the story ‘Look up’ from Tuesday’s Reading Activity. Good work you two!


I hope you all have a lovely week with Home Learning and/or time in school, take care now!