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Welcome to St Thomas More ‘Home Learning’ Platform. 

Here you will find interesting and exciting learning opportunities to do at home.  

Please use the exercise book provided by the school to complete all your learning.  Make sure all work is presented well, in your best handwriting and that it has a date and title. 


Weekly Focused Learning:


Week 14 (w.c.13th July)

Week-14-Learning Project-Y5

The Highwayman Stage 5 Comprehension Pack

The Titanic Reading comprehension

Spelling Rules List 35 Revision

Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mat 5

Place-value Revision


5 a day Maths July

5 a day Maths July Answers

White Rose Maths Activities Week 14

Lesson 1 – Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 1 Answers – Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 2 Answers – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 3 – Reflection

Lesson 3 Answers – Reflection

Lesson 4 – Translation

Lesson 4 Answers – Translation


Family-Challenge-Friday Answers



WEEK 13 (w.c.6.7.20)

Week-13-Learning Project-Y5

The Case of the Silver Snake Stage 5 Comprehension Pack

Space Comprehension


Mr Whoops’ mistakes 8

Spelling Rules List 34 Revision

Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mat 4

Broken Rock, Paper, Scissors KS2 Activity Pack – Activity Pack

5 a day Maths July

5 a day Maths July Answers

Times Tables revision

Times Tables answers

Jesus Heals the Blind Man RE Home Learning Week 13


White Rose Maths Activities week 13

Monday – Measuring with a protractor

Monday Answers – Measuring with a protractor

Tuesday- Drawing lines and angles accurately

Tuesday Answers – Drawing lines and angles accurately

Wednesday- Calculating angles on a straight line

Wednesday Answers – Calculating angles on a straight line

Thursday- Calculating angles around a point

Thursday Answers – Calculating angles around a point





WEEK 12 (w.c. 29.6.20)

Week-12-Learning Project-Y5


Music Comprehension

First News Issue 732

YOU-CAN-NOT-REPLAY Inference Activity

Mr Whoops’ mistakes 7

Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mat 3

Spelling Rules List 33 Revision

5 a day Maths July

5 a day Maths July Answers

Ordering decimals revison

Ordering decimals answers

Good Shepherd Mass 29th June 2020

My Missionary Letter Home Learning for RE Week 12 UKS2


MATHS MANIPULATIVES (To support Maths understanding) (scroll down to the manipulatives)



Week-11-Learning Project-Y5

To whoever finds this stage 5 comp – VIPERS comprehension


The Lost World Comprehension

First News issue 731

Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mat 2


Mr Whoops’ mistakes 6

Spelling Rules List 32 Revision

The Black Hat KS2 Activity Pack

Telling the Time Questions

Telling the Time Answers

5 a day maths June

5 a day maths answers June

UKS2- Jesus Commends John the Baptist

Cafod Summer of Hope Teacher Parent Chaplain Notes





Week-10-Learning Project-Y5

The Contraption Stage 5 Comprehension

Mae Jemison Work it Girl Extract

Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders

First News issue 730

Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mat 1

Mr Whoops’ mistakes 5

Factors revision

Factors revision answers

5 a day maths June

5 a day maths answers June



Week-9-Learning Project-Y5

Counting Stage 5 – Comprehension Pack


First News issue 729

The Alchemist’s Letter KS2 Activity Pack – The Alchemist’s Letter KS2 Pack

Year 5 Summer Term 1 SPaG Activity Mat 6

Mr Whoops’ Spelling Mistakes 4

rounding – revision


5 a day maths June

5 a day maths answers June

Home Learning for RE Week 9 UKS2 The Rublev Trinity Icon Discussion Prompts





The Changing Police Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack


First News issue 728.pdf_

Year 5 Summer Term 1 SPaG Activity Mat 5

Mr Whoops Spelling Mistakes 3

Negative-Numbers Retrieval Activity

The Catch KS2 Activity Pack








As we continue to adjust our way of life there are many challenges we face. At times these can be tricky – for our children and for ourselves. Here is a selection of advice, links and resources which we hope you find useful.








http://Coronavirus For Kids Axel Scheffler

Mental Health Support Primary Newsletter PRIMARY



Child and Adult-mindfulness-colouring-sheets-bumper-pack-



Free eBook: Everybody Worries

Prayers Needed | The Grace Place Church

http://Bishop Patrick McKinney





Additional Resources (these could be used to supplement the activities on the weekly learning projects)



BorrowBox Oxfordshire Library  ***Amazing resource where you can borrow e-books from the library

Book of Hopes *** Collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures, dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals. Enjoy!

First News *** Digital newspaper for children (highly recommended)


Audible Stories

Storytime online 


Maths Calculation Policy



Physical Activity:

Physical Activities for Children STM


Activity 2:


Internet Safety:

Parent help and advice in a digital world

Keeping children safe online training for parents

Parent online safety at home survey







Fancy something different:

Rainbows as Symbols of Hope Please join our school project to spread Hope in our community!

Make a Positive Thought Box

Earth Day 2020 Activities for your child to take part in Earth Day on Weds 22nd April



Lego challenges:




More Home Learning Resources:

Generic Learning

Home Learning Websites and Resources

Audible Stories

London Museums and Galleries Virtual Tours


STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths)



Useful websites for further ideas on home learning:


  1. BBC Bite size


  1. Oxford Owl


  1. National Geographic Kids


  1. 30 virtual field trips


  1. Twinkl ‘parents hub’ – sign up for free, to download learning packs for each year group


  6. Gareth Metcalfe – I SEE MATHS Homelearning


7. Oak National Academy