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Welcome to St Thomas More ‘Home Learning’ Platform. 

Here you will find interesting and exciting learning opportunities to do at home


We will be updating this page regularly with links to activities that you may like to do with your child. The Nursery children spend the majority of their time learning through play supported by staff. They also participate in daily small group activities (15 minutes max) centered around the 7 areas of the curriculum. Communication and language development, Physical development, Personal, social, and emotional development, Literacy development, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.


Under ‘Weekly Focused Learning’ we will be uploading weekly home learning project ideas for you to work on at home if you would like to. Your child will also be given a blank exercise book by the end of this week. If you are self-isolating, please try to arrange for a friend to collect this for you. This book is to be used by your child in any way they wish to use it. It does not need to be handed back to the class teacher unless your child would like to share it. Inside you will find a your child’s name printed in yellow so they can practice tracing over the letters and saying the sounds in their name.

When children start to use pencils, crayons, paint and chalk it is important that we celebrate every make they make. This will support their confidence and self-esteem to engage in more mark making activities.  Activities that support children’s fine motor skills (Small finger, hand movements) will build their muscles to enable them to control a pencil. See suggestions below.

Building –  Lego, bricks   Play-dough – Rolling, cutting, pushing, stretching Threading – pasta, string, beads, pipe cleaners, cut up straw  Cooking – Chopping, stirring  Tipping and pouring – Sand, soil, water

Best Wishes

Mrs Haynes


We have created a suggested timetable, based on how our day currently runs in Nursery to help you plan your day, if you require it:


Home Learning Schedule EYFS


Weekly Focused Learning Term 6:

Week 14-Learning-Project – Nursery -TRANSPORT and TRANSITION

Week 13 -Nursery-Learning-Project-SPACE

Week 12-Nursery-Learning-Project-MUSIC

Week 11-Nursery-Learning-Project-Around-the-World

Week-10-Learning-Project-Nursery – Famous People

Week- 9 Learning-Project-Nursery-THE-RAINFOREST

Week-8-Learning-Project-Nursery-Sport .

As we continue to adjust our way of life there are many challenges we face. At times these can be tricky – for our children and for ourselves. Here is a selection of advice, links and resources which we hope you find useful.







http://Coronavirus For Kids Axel Scheffler

Mental Health Support Primary Newsletter PRIMARY



Child and Adult-mindfulness-colouring-sheets-bumper-pack-




Free Ebook: Everybody Worries

Prayers Needed | The Grace Place Church

http://Bishop Patrick McKinney





Oxford Owl


Internet Safety:

Parent help and advice in a digital world

Keeping children safe online training for parents

Parent online safety at home survey








Maths Calculation Policy



Physical Activity:

Physical Activities for Children STM


Fancy something different:

Rainbows as Symbols of Hope Please join our school project to spread Hope in our community!

Make a Positive Thought Box

Earth Day 2020 Activities for your child to take part in Earth Day on Weds 22nd April



Lego challenges:




More Home Learning Resources:

Generic Learning

Home Learning Websites and Resources


Useful websites for further ideas on home learning:


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4. Twinkl ‘parents hub’ – sign up for free, to download learning packs for each year group


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