Green Champion!

Moon rocks….recycled bird feeder…..kite flyer……and wildlife champion! A- has been super busy this week and for many past  weeks!.. He has saved over 100 snails -from the dangers of the road and pavements. Find out more by looking at his … Continued

Great Descriptive Writing

‘Once in a lifetime’…J told the story of the explorer in the sailing boat using some super verbs and adjectives: spluttered, lassoed, fluttered, revived, snapped, halt, lifeless, creaked. Super, well done J and great handwriting too!

Fake? Forged?

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N has been busy forging works of art!  It was a family affair!  Which is the original? The Connaisseur by Honore Daumier 1860.   A super diary entry by Neil Armstrong on his Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Lots … Continued

Great Atlas work!

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Wow, D- has found out where all the amazing places were in last week’s topic work and carefully labelled each one. Super map work D ! You will make a great geographer-with your atlas reading and careful labelling.

Famous people

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J- has had another great week, busy with his home learning and has sent me some lovely presented writing – a fact file and a biography of Rosa Parks and Gandhi -inspirational civil rights leaders from the past. A great … Continued

A new look!

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Taking a fresh look at one of our masterpieces! W- recreated Son of Man by Rene Magritte painted in 1964. Brilliant, what fun you must have had! I hope you enjoyed this, Year 3, as much as we have! Well … Continued

Cold but brave!

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Wow! Taking a dip into freshwater is bound to set your fingers and feet tingling! Well done R for being brave and adventurous and stepping out into the Wolvercote waters. He has been busy walking and cycling and doing his … Continued

Colour Magic!

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What a fantastic result B- had investigating the movement of water in a plant! He stood the stem of a white flower in coloured (yellow) water and after 2 hours the petals had turned yellow! How did the white flowers … Continued

Top of the World!

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White Horse Hill – the highest point in Oxfordshire, E- is keeping fit and active. Sowing seeds -chillies, radishes, beetroot, basil and carrots – E will be waiting to see them germinate and then taking good care of them. We … Continued

Rainforest rhymes

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Wow we certainly have some chiming, climbing, miming, rhyming poets in out midsts!  J has been Thudding in the Mud in his rainforest adventure! See if you can spot all the rhyming pairs! Well done Jay!

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