Bayeux Tapestry Sketching

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  Year 4 have been developing their sketching skills using charcoal. We have used the skills we learnt earlier in the year to sketch and shade our interpretations of the Bayeux Tapestry. Here are some pictures of the work we … Continued

Anglo-Saxon embroidery and applique

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We have completed our weaving and begun to add some embroidery to our cloth. The children learnt how to stitch and sew before decorating their weaved cloth with brightly coloured thread. Some of us also used the technique of applique … Continued

Anglo-Saxon weaving

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We have been learning how Anglo-Saxons made their clothes using wool and weaving on a loom. Today we began to learn the ancient skill of weaving by using mini-card looms. We made our own ‘warp’ and have started to weave … Continued

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