Green Champion!

Moon rocks….recycled bird feeder…..kite flyer……and wildlife champion! A- has been super busy this week and for many past  weeks!.. He has saved over 100 snails -from the dangers of the road and pavements. Find out more by looking at his … Continued

Great Descriptive Writing

‘Once in a lifetime’…J told the story of the explorer in the sailing boat using some super verbs and adjectives: spluttered, lassoed, fluttered, revived, snapped, halt, lifeless, creaked. Super, well done J and great handwriting too!

O’s Space Station Diary

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O has already immersed herself in the new Space topic.  She has written an account of what she imagines life would be like on a space station. I wonder what you could do on the space station that would be … Continued

Northern Lights

I wonder what book you’re enjoying reading at the moment?  A has been sharing with us how much she is enjoying ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman.  Look at the wonderful drawing from the front cover and do have a read … Continued


Well done A – this is a wonderful piece of work all about Seahorses with lots of interesting facts and great care taken in presentation.  I wonder what other sea creatures people have found out about?

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