Beach Poem by E

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Here is a lovely poem about the Beach by E. Read it carefully and look out for the surprise at the end!


Beach Poem

Sneaky seagulls snaffling snacks fly free.

Dogs run and bark joyfully.

Children paddle and splash.

Parents relax. Ships cruise off into the distance.

Surfers enjoying the waves.

The sun blazes, encouraging more people

To paddle in the nice refreshing sea.

Children make sand castles.

Big and small shells get washed up

Sparkling in the sun.

Rock pools: crabs crawl into corners.

Fish dash into hidden caves in the rocks.

Sand like liquid. Wet sand solid.

Waves crash against rocky cliffs like explosions.

Then one cloudy morning: thunder, lightening.

Waves like mountains crashing into the cliffs.

The wind howls like wolves. Sand transformed.

Seagulls land, rain falls, hail falls, parasols fly,

rugs fly into the sea.

People run, children panic.

The beach is in chaos.

Police come and help everyone to safety and shelter.

Soon the storm calmed down, and all that was left of it was the clouds and the waves.

Later people began to leave, but one boy stayed and began to clean.

The remaining people watched, and then they began to follow and copy,

until the whole beach was clean.

Soon the seagulls returned,

And everything went back to normal.

That boy was an example to respect the beach. He was a leader ant.