Anglo-Saxon weaving

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We have been learning how Anglo-Saxons made their clothes using wool and weaving on a loom. Today we began to learn the ancient skill of weaving by using mini-card looms. We made our own ‘warp’ and have started to weave … Continued

Multi-Cultural Week in Year 4

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Year 4 have enjoyed a variety of activities as part of multi-cultural week. We have focussed on the Jewish faith and children have learnt about the signs and symbols of Judaism and where Jewish people worship. In Art, we have … Continued

Sketching Skills in Art

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Year 4 have been learning different sketching skills in Art. We have looked at methods including: hatching, cross-hatching, tonal shading, swirling and smudging and had a chance to practise these skills in our sketch books. We have also applied this … Continued

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