Jan Griffier Art Work

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In Year 2 we have been exploring the work of Jan Griffier through different media. We discussed how Jan Griffier’s Art made us feel. We created patterns using different tools and used colour to express mood and feelings. We hope … Continued

Fantabulous Work!

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S created a fabulous rocket with the instructions.She also conducted an experiment  with plants.She planted seeds in different materials: 1) soil, 2)cotton and 3)water and watered the ones with soil and cotton.She checked regularly to see if the seeds germinated … Continued

Music Project

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S had a super week enjoying completing activities from the music project.S has been learning to play the recorder and sent me some wonderful videos of her doing this.I played the music to Foxy my dog who absolutely loved the … Continued

Bunny Bang Band

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N has been working so hard to complete a newspaper report on a story that she read from the music learning project.She has used adverbs of time as well as alliteration!Beautiful handwriting!Well done!

Working Hard At Home

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Z has been working incredibly hard on his learning at home.Z has been completing lots of math’s work on shape and direction.Also he has been answering this week’s comprehension very well using the text to support his answers.Well done for … Continued

Superstar S

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S has been working really hard all week and has completed some lovely work including drawings of fruits and vegetables, labelled with adjectives.Also she  drew and coloured in flags that are important to her. The flags show that she was … Continued

Weekend Baking

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N has been busy baking Ghana cake as part of her learning! Her cake looks delicious!Also she has written an ingredients list and instructions in case any of you want to make the cake too.Well done N! Ingredients and instructions

Wonderful Work

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This week A has been focusing on: spelling shed, white rose maths and  has signed up for the reading challenge. A has also written me a letter which I am very excited to read. Have you signed up  for the … Continued

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