Another busy week for Year 1!

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More of our proudest pieces to share and celebrate together…

Last week Alice talked about healthy and unhealthy food, she wrote a shopping list for Dad to take to the supermarket. Alice baked a cake and wrote the recipe and equipment needed for it.


It was my favourite kind of cake…yes you guessed it! Chocolate Cake! Yum, Yum!

Whilst out for a walk in the woods Alice and her brother ran, played football and built a den for a squirrel !
They even looked for different types of birds – just like Reading Bear last week!

You have been so busy Alice – give yourself a flashing star!

Isabella wrote about her feelings in a ‘Feeling’s cup’ activity so she could share any worries in her tummy. This is a very brave and grown up thing to do Isabella give yourself a hug.

It is a worrying time for children and grown up’s too and it is important we can talk about why.

I reassured Isabella not to worry that she has ‘forgotten’ her school learning because learning is like riding a bike – once you know how to do it, you never forget!  We have lots of time to learn at school when we return safely. So please do not worry about this now. We are all at home learning different skills like baking, crafting and mending along with practising our phonics, spelling, writing and maths too. We are all doing the best we can so be kind and give yourself a big hug!

Isabella is also learning to play badminton – are you learning any new skills at home? I have learnt how to do arm knitting and I made a ‘thinking cushion’ for our classroom!

Kevin has been busy with phonics and put together an alphabet puzzle – Shine, Shine Kevin! I wonder if you can say the letter name and the phoneme for each letter!

Kevin also did some colour by numbers to help number recognition – hmm who can sing our doubles song? He also played Snakes and Ladders which is great way to remember how to count on.


Noah has been re-capping his knowledge on 2d and 3d shapes…

Noah has also done a spelling test at home – he has been working on his spelling of the days of the week – Shine Shine!

Noah then designed a Pikachu cereal box! I wonder what 3d shape the cereal might be inside?


Noah also made a list of fruit and vegetables from the food learning project last week! You have been busy Noah! Well done!

James has been enjoying reading Alien Adventure books and wrote a fantastic book review about them – I was so impressed with James’ handwriting and clear writing that I wanted to celebrate this work as our Star Writing of the week – just like we would in class! So well done James – flashing star for you!

I wonder what books you are all enjoying at home?



Giulia B has been investigating and has enjoyed learning about Amelia Earhort, the first woman to become a pilot, born in Kanses 1897.



Giulia created a story map of the key events in Amelia’s life showing some of the skills that we use in our History lessons – Give yourself a shine Giulia.

Giulia also worked on sorting and explaining the different categories of animals…

Star spellers from year 1 on spelling shed last week were: Rima, Alice, Lucas, Isabella, Antek, Noah, and Luca. Let’s give them a flashing star…next week it could be you!

I do hope you have a lovely rest over the week ahead and that you can enjoy the sunshine. Take care of each other. Keep smiling.