After School Sports Clubs – Commence Next Week

Dear Parents/Carers,

Just a quick reminder that our extra-curricular sports clubs resume next week as below:

Mondays;      23/4/18 to  16/7/18 KS2 FOOTBALL  3:30-4:30

Tuesdays:     24/4/18 to   17/7/18 KS2 TAG RUGBY  3:30-4:30

Wednesdays: 25/4/18 – 11/7/18 (Selected groups) TABLE TENNIS   3:30-4:15

Thursday:   26/4/18 -19/7/18 Y3/4 NETBALL  3:30-4:30

Fridays:      27/4/18 – 13/7/18 Y5/6 DODGEBALL  3:30-4:15

The enrolment forms along with any payments due are returned to school by Friday 20/4/18.Please assume your child has a place at the club.We will contact you directly if the club is full and therefore they cannot be enroled.

As all our clubs are extremely popular please do not sent your child along on the day without prior enrolment.

Kind Regards,

Deb Heap