Achieve, Believe and Create…from home!

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Our proudest pieces continue from home and prove that we Achieve, Believe and Create even when we are learning outside of our classroom!

James was busy working on his weather chart…Well done James! Give yourself a shine!

Charlie sent a photo of his creative crocodile mask from the animal learning project which he made from recycling things at home. I challenged Charlie to think of some more alliteration and my favourite suggestion was Captain Crocodile! He went on to write a story all about him being a superhero or bad guy. Well done Charlie! Give yourself a shine!


Alice has been enjoying reading much more! She practices writing every day and After watching a weather video of forecasts on TV and ‘my weather app’ on the mobile, Alice wrote about the weather forecast. Beautiful handwriting, finger spaces capital letters and full stops! You deserve a flashing star Alice!
She also enjoyed talking about VE Day, colouring flags and doing drawings for a street party and even baked Brazilian chocolate truffles to share with the neighbours. Well done Alice! Shine shine!

Luca sent me a video of himself reading a story which made me smile a lot! He read fluently and clearly and he read with expression too! He is working hard on Spelling Shed too! Great job Luca! Shine shine!

Noah has been working hard on Spelling Shed – keep up the good work Noah! He also enjoyed making some beautiful bunting for VE day celebrations. Good work! Give yourself a shine!


Isabella also continuing to work hard on Spelling Shed! Isabella has been writing the most wonderful short stories! She has remembered capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Shine Shine! Adjectives and connectives too! Flashing star! She has also created a list of things that she feels most grateful for at this time, I think this is such a lovely idea Isabella – well done you! Flashing star!


Filip has been creative with his animal mask design and collage. His colourful rainbow also shows which are primary colours and secondary colours! He also made some delicious cookies – yum yum! Well done you! Flashing star!


Zachary designed a new brand of White Chocolate flavoured cereal – do you like the name?

He also did a fun science experiment using skittles! I love how he used colour blocks in one design and a repeating pattern in another – good work Zachary! How does this change the affects of the water in the dish? Give yourself a shine Zachary! Flashing star!

Wow what a busy week year 1…And a special message from Reading Bear and Mrs Brooks too!

 “Hello, Year 1. We hope you are all keeping safe and well at home. 

 It is a difficult time, not being able to meet up with our friends and family. Mrs Brooks has been keeping in touch with her family through video calls and I joined them for a weekly quiz. A question for you: What did The Very Hungry Caterpillar eat on Sunday? ……. Answer: one nice green leaf. Yum yum!


Last week Mrs Brooks took me out into the garden where we watched the birds. We used a non-fiction book to identify the birds that we saw… we saw Blackbirds, Sparrows, Magpies and a very big Pigeon.



Friday was VE Day, when we celebrated the end of World War II, 75 years ago. Mrs Brooks put up flags in her garden and even decorated me in Union Jack Flags!


Mrs Brooks has been sewing today. She has been making face masks to help keep safe. She also made one for me!


We look forward to being able to see you all again and to hear about all the things that you have been doing. Take care and keep safe. Love from, Reading Bear xx”