How can I get involved?

We would like to invite all parents to become involved and support the Friends in some way. Below is a list of examples of how you could help.

* Attend formal meetings
* Attend informal planning meetings
* Attend AGMs
* Help selling tickets to events
* Finalise rotas for events
* Put up posters to promote events
* Become an Event Committee Member
* Apply for licenses for events
* Help with Advertising events
* Prepare/shop for events
* Help setting up events
* Attend events to manage stalls

AGMs and any other formal meetings normally take place at the school, and information about them is sent home on flyers via book bags.
Next Meeting Tuesday the 30th September at 7.30pm at School

Apart from that, Friends contact parents via e-mail and information on meetings and events can be found on the School website.
Time and place of meetings of the Event Committees is agreed between members.
Each year Friends organise the following fundraising events:

A 2 day weekend Craft Fair at Exeter Hall in November
 A Christmas Fair
 A March (Easter) Craft Fair
 St Thomas More Day – International Food Day
 A Summer Fayre & BBQ in July
 School Discos (Christmas and Summer ones)

Friends also help with some Parish events: The Holy Communion and The Confirmation. It has become a tradition now that for the Holy Communion party, help is offered by Year 4 parents.

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