Year 3 Prayer Service to Parents


On Wednesday 17th January Year 3 held a class prayer service for parents. The theme was “New Year’s Resolutions and Trust in the Lord’.  As part of the Prayer Service we shared the story of Daniel who trusted in the Lord, even when he was placed in the lion’s den. We also prayed and sang together and some of us chose to share our new years’ resolutions. It was wonderfully well attended by Year 3 parents and we thank you all for coming to share our promises, hopes and prayers.


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Spring Term Whole School Mass

On Thursday 25th January, Year 5 had the responsibility of planning and leading the whole school Mass for the start of the Spring Term. The Mass was celebrated by Father Gerard and was attended by all the pupils in Years 1 to 6 and by many parishioners too. The children all participated reverently and listened well to Father as he taught us about St Paul and how he was changed by his encounter with God on the road to Damascus.


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Year 1 and 2 Trip to Warwick Castle

On Wednesday 24th  January, KS1 children visited Warwick Castle as part of their topic Turrets, Towers and Tunnels.

The children had a very exciting day with a special workshop taken by a princess. The princess told the children all about shields and the importance of the design and colour. The children then designed their own shields which they will paint on to wooden shields later in the term at school.

After the workshops we explored the castle and discovered how life was for people who worked at the castle long ago.

Many of the children said that it was a great day and that they would love to go back with their parents to see it all again!

Mrs Hudson-Ford and Miss Fulker


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Year 4 visit to the Sheldonian Theatre

We had a wonderful visit to the Sheldonian Theatre today as part of our memorable experience for our Urban Pioneers topic. The children enjoyed sketching the impressive painted ceiling which is made up of 32 individual panels, the largest of which measures over 6 x 3.6 metres. We were also amazed with the stunning 360 degree views of Oxford at the top of the gallery.
Here are some photos of our morning.

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Is this a right angle?

This week Year 3 have been engaged in some practical Maths using their right angle measures to hunt round the classroom for different right angles.  Can you think of any right angles in your house?

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Y3 Roman Shields

In the Autumn term we looked at the topic of I Am Warrior where we explored the Romans.  Just look at these fantastic shields created as homework projects.  Thank you to all the families for the support and encouragement you gave to the children to help them produce these. 

You can see them on view in the main corridor display in school too!

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Year 3 Anti-Bullying Week November 2017

Across a school we celebrated Anti-Bullying week thinking about being ‘All Different, all equal’.  In Year 3 we made jigsaw pieces about ourselves and the things which make us unique.  We then put all the pieces of the jigsaw together to represent the ways in which we are unique but one team too.

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Y3/4 After School Netball Skills Club starts Thursday 18th January 2018

We are delighted to offer Y3/4 children the opportunity to develop their balls skills through the fun game of netball.

The club will run outside every Thursday after school from 3:30-4:30.(The hall will also be available if it is raining) 

Children will need their PE kit,tracksuit,trainers.water bottle and gloves suitable to grip a ball.

Mrs Nicole Evans (Roan and Alice’s mummy) is a qualified netball coach and has kindly offered her time to the children for free, so there is no charge for attending the club. However we would be grateful if the children who attend commit to the club for the whole term.

Enrolment forms will be offered to the children on Monday.Please ensure these are completed and returned as soon as possible.If the club is oversubscribed a waiting list will enable children who would like to attend to join at a later date when places become available.Forms will also be available from the school office.We  will advise you if your child has been placed on the waiting list.

Please encourage you child to take part, in what i’m sure will be, a very popular and purposeful club.Not only to develop skills, but to ensure children develop a desire to lead a  healthy active life.


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Investigating Circuits

We have enjoyed finding out about electricity and circuits in Year 4. The children used wires, bulbs, cells, crocodile clips to investigate how to make a circuit. Many children showed great resilience when at first their circuits did not work and they had to find out what component wasn’t working and why.
Next lesson we will be looking at diagrams of circuits and predicting whether the bulb will light up or not.

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Reading for Pleasure

Welcome to the new web page dedicated to Reading for Pleasure. Did you know that there is strong evidence that reading for pleasure can increase empathy, improve relationships with others, reduce the symptoms of depression and improve wellbeing throughout life?

At St Thomas More School we want to encourage all our pupils to develop a life long love for reading.

This page will show you some of the things we do in school to promote reading and will provide information for parents and carers to help them support their children with reading.

For more information on reading for pleasure, see this link from the Reading Agency.
Reading Agency

New Year, New Books – Library Update 2018

We have yet more brand new books in our school library – all funded through the School Friends Association. There are some wonderful titles by fantastic authors that we hope the children will enjoy and recommend to their friends.


We have some brand new titles in our school library – all with a Christmas theme. Thank you to the Friends for funding this purchase. We will be looking to buy more titles in the new year. Watch this space!
Thank you to those children who volunteered to review some of the books also!

It is National Non-Fiction November. This month we are encouraging our children to choose one of the many exciting non-fiction titles that we have available in our school library.
Children are also invited to take part in a competition inspired by Lots (Walker Books, 2017).

The aim will be to create posters using either A4 or A3 sized paper, which reflect this year’s theme for National Non-Fiction November. The posters can celebrate the beauty of the world around us, whether near to home or further afield; or they can convey a message about our need to take care of and protect the world. They can focus on a single plant or animal, or feature a particular natural environment. You are welcome to use any media you would like – pencils, crayons, pastels, paints, or collage, for example.

We are looking for creativity and originality, as well as powerful messages expressed in images and words. Posters must be returned to school with the child’s name, age and school on the back and handed in to the class teacher or Mrs Machin by Friday 1st December.

There will be a prize awarded for each age group, plus an overall winner. The prizes will consist of signed books and prints, and for the overall winner a visit by Nicola Davies to their book group, school or library.

The winners will be announced in January 2018.
For more information please see

Miss Coleman has started the lunchtime Chatterbooks club. The children visited Kidlington library on Thursday to choose books based on their chosen themes and to join the library if they are not already members. Everyone is looking forward to reading their new books and discussing them next week.

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