Reception Celebrate Vesak Day

Today, Oneli’s parents came to talk to us about the Bhuddist celebration of Vesak. They taught us about Buddha and the importance of being calm and positive.


They bought with them Vesak lanterns which they had made together and talked about how the lanterns celebrate team work, the children loved seeing the beautiful lanterns.

We watched some videos of lanterns and also some panadols which are beautiful lights. They also shared some Vesak greetings cards with us.


Oneli’s parents very kindly bought lots of food to share with us, they explained that in Sri Lanka the Bhuddist temples provide food and drink free to everybody and we learnt the importance of sharing with others.


The children enjoyed tasting the lovely fruits and drinks, we had a very enjoyable morning. We have been busy making Bhuddist flags and Vesak cards and we are going to attempt to make a lantern together!

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